Trekking is considered as a voyage of sports, where people are able to ground their resistance and stamina against nature. In recent years, trekking has become a vital part of urban life.

People from the cities frequently travel to distant locations to trek where they explore new areas. Most of UK’s major cities have rocky landscape. And these days, even schools take children out on treks to nearby locations.

It is always preeminent to know different things about trekking protection, so that one may not come across unwanted circumstances, when plan to head out on trek. Although, there are guides and group leaders to accompany trekking groups and their supervision is also there, but still it is advisable to keep some points in mind while going on a trek.

Once a person has all the medical clearance from doctor, then there should be some other things that have to be kept in mind.

Things to carry while going out for a trek.

The foremost thing that a person must do before going on a trek is to plan the things to carry with. It’s not good at all to carry too much, as this will be cumbersome. But one should make sure to carry all imperative items. One should make a list of things to carry, depending on the location he/she is going to. For example, if there is plan to go to a cold location, then there is a need to carry specific medical items, warm clothing, flares, wind-proof lighters, special trekking gear, etc.

There are some other significant items which one should carry; if possible in a waterproof bag. All of these items should be carried for all treks:

  • A map.

  • A first-aid kit.

  • Water.

  • Swiss knife, or Pocket Knife

  • Proper footwear

  • A pocket-torch.

  • Lighter or Matchsticks

  • Hygiene accessories.

  • A compass. 

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