Jonathan Safron Foer, says that “Food is not rational. Food is culture, habit, and identity”. And so it differs from Country to country and nationwide…It’s the taste of the land, and thus your visit is incomplete if you have not tasted that.

Every country has its own taste specialty and so is with the UK. Thus, it becomes an essential kerfuffle to enjoy different flavors of food along with the fragrance of English land during your visit. Not to miss and regret later, it’s time to enjoy the savor of lip-smacking dishes, here we go–

  • Mash and bangers – Simplest yet tangy in nature, mash and banger topped with extra butter is one of the must be a dish in an English plate. Spicy mashed potatoes, when mixed with sausage and filled in the fine flour bun adds to the taste and nutrition.

  • Fish and chips – If you will not taste it, you are probably doing it wrong. Fish and Chips too are the main meal of every English man. It’s light yet crispy crunches give an undreamed-of taste. Thus, never leave the UK before tasting these delightful fish and chips.

  • Welsh Cawl – Simply Waoo!!! I have never been fond of soups, but when it’s Welsh Cawl, I can’t leave it. One of the most liked and in fact needed in the chilling weather of the UK is the Welsh Cawl soup. A combination of carrot, potatoes, leek and some pieces of meat(of your choice) when sprinkled with a pinch of black pepper and black salt and served with crunchy sticks of bread, gives a warm sensation in the cold winter evening.

  • Sticky Toffee pudding – This is the most popular dessert of the UK, where sticky toffee melted and baked along with dry fruits. It is served with ice cream and custard generally.

No matter whether it is a dessert or a spicy healthy meal, all tastes equally good. So, enjoy your visit to the UK with these mouthwatering dishes. 


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