When you set foot in a country, you ought to try their delicacies and traditional dishes. This way, you will get a taste of the local culture and experience a new way of life that is sure to delight your taste buds. Britain is known for a number of dishes, but one dish that stands out from the rest is ‘Fish and chips’. This dish originated in Britain in the 19th century and spread all across the globe within a short period of time. The dish comprises battered fish and deep fried chips (also known as French fries), with some mushy peas on the side.

Apart from fish and chips, be sure to indulge in an authentic English breakfast, which consists of eggs, bacon, mushrooms, baked beans, sausages, and fried bread. An English breakfast gives your body fuel to start the day and at the same time, ensures that you do not feel bloated. This way, you will not feel lethargic throughout the day. Since nearly everything in the meal is fried, an English breakfast is also known as a ‘fry-up’.

During your stay in Britain, be sure to set aside an afternoon for a teatime meal, also known as ‘Afternoon tea’. Between 3pm and 4pm, the British pamper their taste buds with scones, fairy cakes, sponge cakes, biscuits, and sandwiches. Also, they consume the English tea to rejuvenate and gain energy for the remaining part of the day.

Traditional breads in Great Britain are plenty, and they are often baked in a rectangular tin. White and brown breads, rye bread, breadcakes, and barm cakes are enjoyed by the general public and are available in a number of stores and bakeries nationwide.

The English tradition of consuming meat pies can be dated back to the Middle Ages, when an open top pie crust was used as a container to serve meat. Even today, meat pies are served this way. Meat pies generally contain the following fillings – mushrooms, chicken, steak and ale, lamb, minced beef, and potatoes.

Before ending a meal, you should indulge in some of the finest desserts Britain has to offer. However, be cautious when you come across a menu with puddings. Contrary of popular belief, not all puddings are sweet. Some of the puddings in Britain are served during the main course, including the Yorkshire Pudding and Black Pudding. So, before you order puddings, ensure that they have sweet filling. Some of the popular puddings in Britain include Treacle Pudding, Semolina Pudding and the Bread and Butter Pudding.


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