United Kingdom is one of the most preferred destinations for travel. Here are some of the experiences shared by the travellers to various places.

National Gallery

This gallery has greatest collections of European paintings in the world. According to the visitors, this is a must visit place for all art lovers. This museum also has one of the finest gift shop had a selection of reasonably priced mementoes. The audio guide is worth the money spent. This museum does not have an entry free and hence most of visitors feel it is priceless. It is recommended by the visitors to take proper time out and visit this beautiful well painted museum.

British Museum

This museum is one of the must visit place. According to people who have visited this place, this museum displays the most amazing artefacts from around the world. While you might argue with the ethics of the British Empire and colonialism, it is worth visiting this museum for such treasures as the Rosetta stone, Elgin marbles and the plethora of Babylonian, Persian and Egyptian artefacts.

Houses of Parliament

The visitors say that this is a spectacular building. Do not carry much stuff with you as you have to go through the metal detector. This is one of the master pieces.

Tower of London

Tourists say you can spend your whole day visiting this place. It is recommended that one take a Beefeater tour, they make it interesting and fun. Be early to be ahead in the Beefeater tour or else you will hardly be able to hear what he says. Also, try to avoid going on weekends as it is too crowded and will have long queues.

 Old Royal Naval College

This college is a must visit. It is also known as painted hall. It has a good amount of records relics greatest of great British sea warriors. If you visit this place, do not miss the Chapel. The Chapel is rather small but has some nice wooden interiors. It’s definitely worth a picture. The entry is free here. Also take some time to walk up the beautiful lawns and visit the Maritime museum.

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