The word trekking is associated with adventurous people. The tricky mountainous routes and trekking are just made for each other. In simple words trekking is a tour which is done by feet and where common means of transport are not available. There lies a very thin line of difference between trekking and mountaineering. One should not confuse between mountaineering, trekking and hiking.

The different zones

The destination that has always been trekker’s paradise is the Great Himalayas; the routes have always attracted the trekkers. Some of the trekkers’ dream zones include the Torres Del Paine, Inca trail from Cuzco to Machu Picchu in Chile Navarino heritage.

The necessary utilities

As it is known that trekking is an adventurous journey, it should also be remembered that there are several things which needs to be carried while going for the trek. Normally the essentials are known as the trekking kit. Trekking kit depends on the duration of the journey, which might be less than a day or over a month also. It also depends on the trekking trail along with personal fitness and even the region of trekking. Mountainous trails are very unpredictable; while walking at daytime it might be warm and sunny but it snow in the evening. So, one should be equipped with adequate amount of clothing and equipment.

Normally a personal gear while trekking should consist of a water bottle along with a sunscreen lotion, headlamp and sunglasses with a daypack, first aid kit, and even personal toiletries, walking stick, and penknives. Among clothing and accessories, it is advisable to include warm jacket, hats, T-shirts, windproof jacket, gloves, trekking pants, long Johns and a pair of good socks.


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