The United Kingdom of Great Britain is a sovereign state located on the north western coast of continental Europe. The region enjoys a temperate climate and has plenty of rainfall all round the year. The temperature reaches as low as minus 11 degree in winters and as high as 35 degree in summers. UK has a history of rich cultural heritage which is world famous.  Christianity is the basic religion of the people in UK. You will find innumerable churches and Cathedrals in UK. UK not only attracts tourists but also attracts students due to its high standards of education. You can visit the main attractions of UK, or take an adventure break in UK or just choose to view the natural wonders of UK. UK is also easily accessible via airways from most of the country. There are direct flights to UK. So what will you do if you have to go to UK for a holiday?

Once you have decided the main destination, the minute things of where and what to see in a specific place starts. You will have to list down the things you want to see when you are on a holiday in UK. It is obvious you cannot visit the whole of the country in one holiday, so you need to make your priority list. So start with writing down your first preference of the trip. Do you want the trip to be a basic sightseeing one, an adventurous or a trip to the country side of UK, where most of the travellers will not go as they might not be aware of the same? Once your goal is decided you will further have questions about your eating and stay in United Kingdom. Plan your trip well in advance so you do not run hunting for food or any other requirement when you reach there. Make sure you spend your time enjoying the beauty if UK rather than looking for places to eat, things to visit and many others. The posts ahead will help you make your list and plan your trip.

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